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Fatigue, no concentration, no focus, no results, less success.

After coffee couldn't solve this problem for you anymore, you turned to several energy drinks and boosters. At the beginning, they were really kicking in and you thought you had solved your problem. But then your body gets used to it, the stuff doesn't bang so well anymore and on top of that you only sleep restlessly, hardly regenerate and feel even more unproductive.

Together we create the basis for long-term peak performance by optimizing your health. I show you how to achieve higher performance through quick and effective healthy routines. With exercise, nutrition, regeneration, stress management and mindset work, we'll make sure you reach your full potential leading to unstoppable success.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world or how much you travel. That's exactly what the program is designed for.



You don't have a 9 to 5 job where you just wait for time to pass. For you, the things you get done in your working hours make all the difference. Either you earn more money or you can spend more free time. That is why it is so important that you work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Your annoying problem is that the circumstances for this are not given:

❌ you wake up exhausted, not energetic and motivated

❌ distracted by discomfort and backpain in our body

❌have a midday low, being unfocused  

❌work away at meaningless tasks instead of systematically achieving your goals



Graduated Master of Physics

Graduated Master of Exercise and Sport Science



In my original profession I am a teacher for physics, mathematics and sports. But just like you, I was interested in my personal freedom and location-independent self-realization. Now I spend most of the year in Bulgaria on the beach and the winter in selected sunny locations.

My journey as a self-employed started as a classic fitness and nutrition coach, where most of my clients were entrepreneurs. In the process, it became clear that almost all self-employed people do not reach their full potential and thus waste valuable time in terms of success and self-realization.

Over the years, I have developed a system to achieve health and peak performance on all levels that will allow you to put your full horsepower on the road and achieve your goals.

As a nutritionist, sports scientist and entrepreneur, I have made it therefore my mission to help people with an entrepreneurial focus to be able to concentrate on their core business without complaints and with full mental focus reaching their full potential.

Even I, as an athlete and movement enthusiast, have experienced that through the desire for business self-realization and financial freedom, the focus for a balanced diet and sufficient movement integration can quickly be lost. But to perform on highest levels we actually have to put much more into consideration. Therefore, it is really great to see how time-efficiently and effectively my clients can implement my system, boost their health and performance and transfer an almost unfair advantage in the form of mental clarity and focus to their business.

Are you ready to be one of the few 5% of people who can use their full potential to succeed?




Through Benedict I have finally managed to integrate more exercise into my everyday life in the long term. Since the Coaching with Benedict I feel more powerful and have a better focus in my business as well as a better performance, because I have no more physical complaints like back pain and I feel much more energetic.

-Entrepreneur & Agency Owner -


An extremely positive experience, combining a very helpful set of knowledge and active practice to put the starting point of a new life change. Definitely recommend for professional advice and a friendly environment to set up and follow your long-term goals that will lead you to a more meaningful and self-orientated lifestyle. Go for it and you will definitely get the enlightenment you have been long looking for.



I am overwhelmed with what was offered me. I am very glad that I decided to participate in the program, because now I finally have the feeling to see clearly in front of me how I can approach things. I am looking forward to how my body and mind will react to the changes in the future. Highly recommended!






You have back pain, therefore lack of energy and focus for work. You want to get work done, but your back is bothering you all the time. You can’t even breath normally, you feel all the tension. You rock on your chair from side to side trying to find a more comfortable position.

This is what we will take care of first and free you from all your discomfort (level 1).

Besides, regular exercise improves the performance of the brain, stimulates your hormones, endorphins and metabolic activation and thus the ability to concentrate and perform.

Next, of course, the attention may fall on the appearance (level 2), which strengthens your self-confidence and gives your business demands more emphasis.

If you manage to control your body completely (level 3) and progress to advanced calisthenics skills, you prove willpower, persistence and discipline.



Of course, everyone knows that you get your energy from your food. But did you know that your gut bacteria can affect your brain power and that your bacteria depend significantly on what you eat? Moreover, your gut bacteria also influence your mood and your resistance to stress.

Closing your unproductive focus hole through your midday low is thus only a small contribution to greater performance. Your true potential is much greater, you will be surprised what lies hidden in you and you can set free with the right diet.

The best part is: contrary to what you might think, it costs you almost no time. In fact, with the help of modern nutritional supplements, your easy dietary adjustments will even save you time.

Better focus, more brainpower, better mood = you gonna love your success



Are you sure, that your time is well invested? (work and free time?)

Are you using your working hours efficient?

Are you using your free time efficient, or better are you happy how you spend your time?

Do you reach your goals? Do you develop personally?

Do you feel, that you are growing and developing from week to week, month to month, year to year?

How overjoyed, satisfied, and excited would you feel if you could answer "yes" to everything?

Let's start with that!



You are willing to work over your limit if necessary. This makes you a successful entrepreneur and separates the wheat from the chaff.

These phases are valuable, they bring you into the growth zone in which you learn and accomplish things that you otherwise would not have mastered (eu-stress).

But to really benefit from it, you need to harness supercompensation, otherwise you'll just burn out (di-stress).

This means that after intense periods you need the right recovery protocols and good stress management.

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